Automatically download Kaggle Dataset with Clouderizer Projects



Clouderizer can now directly download Kaggle datsets using official Kaggle API. Check out this article to know more



Hi Prakash

Thanks for all the good work on Clouderizer

Once I have downloaded a Kaggle dataset, what is the best way to uncompress it and make it visible to a Clouderizer notebook?


You can put the script to uncompress it from data folder under “Startup Script” of Project SETUP.


Hi Prakash,

Newbie question here: can you point me towards an example script for uncompressing folder in Data folder? I have been trying to look around without much success. Thanks!


Ok, found the relavent line in the Recruit restaurant visitor forecasting start up script. Just in case this helps someone.

You should be adapting this:
cd ~/clouderizer/kaggle-restaurant/code/data/weather && unzip -o \*.zip

to your dataset. Found it easier to navigate through the remote terminal of the project to get the exact location of the data folder. The default password for this is clouderizer.


Hello @prakash ,
Newbie question:
How do I combine a kaggle project with ?

I am able to run library in the project, but I am unable to run it in the kaggle project I created (and downloaded the dataset).

Update : figured that out already. Pretty simple. Just need to create a copy of the project, and add the kaggle dataset there.