Clouderizer now integrates with your Google Cloud Platform account!



Glad to announce today our integration with Google Cloud Platform, allowing our users to seamlessly spin new VM instances and run Clouderizer projects on it.

With $300 free GCP credit to all new signups, this offers an excellent and much more reliable alternative to Colab, for free GPU for Deep Learning students.

Give it a spin and let me know your feedback here



Hi Prakash, how do I get Clouderizer to select a specific region on GCP, rather than us-east1?


As of now region is alway us-east1 to make project setup as easy as possible. I can take your feature request for region configuration. Can you summarise in couple of lines why is this important for you?


If this is going to be significant work for you it is probably not worth doing. For people outside the US, using a closer zone should mean lower latencies.