Data directory of drive is not synced with data directory of fastai notebook


The notebook can read a csv file from data directory.
Also the contents of fastai/courses/dl1/data/
is different from those of data/
How to sync between them ?


fastai/courses/dl1/data/ is actually a symlink to /data/ directory in Clouderizer projects. So they should be identical.

Are you referring to /data on Google Drive vs fastai/courses/dl1/data/ on colab instance ?


It’s little confusing,
I do mean the data directory in clouderizer project which we access it via
cd clouderizer/fastai/data

vs the other directory which we access it by
cd clouderizer/fastai/courses/dl1/data

The contents of those folders is not identical (It was but suddenly they became different)


clouderizer/fastai/courses/dl1/data is a symlink to /clouderizer/fastai/data

I am not able to comprehend how can they be different. How did you compare the contents? From JupyterLab ?


I was wrong about the address
They are different on jupyterLab and from terminal
are different, do you have any suggestions?


This is what we have in project Startup Script

ln -s ~/clouderizer/ ~/clouderizer/

With this both folder contents should be identical. Maybe we can look if there was any error while executing Startup script. Login to remote terminal and type following command to open tmux session of Startup Script
tmux a -t startup

Please share a dump of this session.



On Starting google colab I am faced with this message
‘No backend with GPU available. Would you like to use a runtime with no accelerator?’



Seems there is indeed an error while creating symlink.

Can you go to /content/clouderizer/ and run following command
rm data

Wait for couple of minutes to let this sync to Google Drive. Then stop and restart your project.

Let me know if this works.



I typed:
cd /content/clouderizer/
rm -r data

Restarted the project
the data directory was recreated with same different content that existed before removing



Can you also do one more thing? Go to Google Drive -> clouderizer -> (your project folder) -> code -> courses -> dl1, and see if there is any data folder here. Rename this folder to something like (data_bak). Then restart the project again.



Hi prakash
I renamed the data folder to data_bak from google drive as mentioned
Then when I started the project I found it renamed and no data directory exist in

So I still get the error