always returning


Hi, first of all thanks for this amazing product.

I have the following problem. I cloned the project template and I am using it with Google colab.
But I want to customize it a bit:

  1. I don’t want to download the as I am getting the data over google drive, but when I remove the url from the settings of the project, then the next time I go to the settings it appears again. (I think this might be a bug)

  2. I want to unzip all the files from google drive. In my understanding you are using rclone as soon as the instance is running, so I cannot unzip in the files as part of the setup script. I want to fix this by explicitly cloning in the setup script, can anyone tell me which command clouderizer uses for the data cloning?


#1 was indeed a bug. Its fixed now. You can remove data url now, It will remain removed.

#2 you can put your script for unzipping data from Google Drive in Startup Script under Workspace Tab. This script is guaranteed to run after code and data folder setup from git or google drive. This script also runs under a separate tmux session called startupcmd_session. Once your project starts, you can view the status of this script execution by typing following in terminal
tmux a -t startupcmd_session