Github using Clouderizer



I am using clouderizer with Google Colab. I have created a new clouderizer project using a new repo that I created on GithHub. I then created a text file and added some text in it. Now, I want to git push origin master from the clouderizer terminal so that the changes are reflected in my GitHub repo. But when I do that, it gives out an error:

remote: Anonymous access to EMAIL.git denied.
fatal: Authentication failed for EMAIL.git


I have used the community project to create this project. I just replaced the git url with to mine git url during setup. I have set the git email and username from the clouderizer terminal.


Looks more like github setup issue.
Have a look at this

You might want to try public key authentication. You can push your private key to Colab instance using Clouderizer Drive. Just copy it to /data/ folder of the project on Clouderizer Drive. It will be pushed to Colab instance within couple of minutes.