How to run 2+ instances of Jupyterlab / Notebook from 2 different projects


Hello @prakash

When we have 2 projects or more running, I couldn’t figure out how to run Jupyter from another project if there is one already running.

It appears a dialog asking us to define a diferent name for the workspace, since the current one is already being used.

What name to define for this new workspace, nothing ordinary seems to work.

Thanks in advance



Hi @ronaldokun

I assume you are running project on Google Colab. When you work on two different Colab notebooks from same gmail account, behind the scene, Colab runs both notebooks on same docker container.
Now JupyterLab, when running on same docker container, treats second project as a different workspace and asks you to name it. Since we have not regressed our system for this kind of use case. I would recommend the following

  1. For your second project, you can use Jupyter instead of JupyterLab. Just replace lab? at the end of url to tree?

  2. Run the second project from another gmail account so that you get another docker container. You will need to copy the project script manually and paste it in Colab cell and run the cell.

Let me know if these suggestions work.



Hello Prakash,

Sorry for the late reply.

I was doing your second approach but somehow the problem persisted.

Then switching to your first approach worked.

It also worked just using a different browser and also the same browser in private mode.

Thank you!


Great to hear it worked for you.