How to use clouderizer serving and custom server


Can any one tell me how to access “custom server” and “clouderizer serving” present on console.


Hey Alberto,

Can you please refer the link:

Can you please let us know what exactly your project is about, it will help to serve you better.



can you tell me how to access the “custom server” feature.


In case you are running some web service on local port (flask or simplehttp server in python) as part of your ML project, you can enable customer server with that local port number. This will allow you to access your web service from Clouderizer console itself.

Once your project is running, you will see one more button next JupyterLab button, for custom Server. Clicking on that button will open your browser to access our webservice.


For SSH, we already have Remote Terminal option for every project. Using it, you can remote SSH into your instance running your project.