Link Google Drive to you Clouderizer account



Clouderizer can now integrate with your Google Drive to store your projects and data. This means, there is not longer 1 GB drive limit for free plan!

Here is an article that lists the steps to do this integration



How to store the downloaded dataset in - a project using(kaggle-cli) - to google drive.
I don’t find it already linked.


Correct me if I am wrong. You managed to download your datasets using Kaggle Cli option in your project, but that dataset is not syncing to Google Drive?

Currently Data sync happens only from Drive -> Machine and not the other way around. This is by design.

Could you tell me the use case why would this be important? Are you modifying Kaggle original dataset and would like to use your own version every time you start your project?


Thank you, your answer is clear.
I am trying to have access to the dataset I start a machine to save download time and effort.
and Yes I may modify the dataset in a way that I can deal with, now I need to repeat all step each time.


Thanks for your feedback. We will discuss this internally and will try to come up with a way to address this concern.

Will post updates here.


Hi Amor

We released a new version yesterday which will ensure persistence for your project /data folder as well. Give it a try and let me know how it works.