Saving Feather files on Google Drive?


Hi all, have been running FastAI lesson 3 tutorial, going through the Rossmann prediction challenge. It has the option of saving the cleaned-up features dataframe to a Feather format file, for future retrieval, e.g. using df.to_feather(PATH).

However, when restarting the project on Clouderizer, I notice the Feather files do not reappear/are not saved. Is there a way to save it to Google Drive?


Hi Joe

Where is the feather file being saved? Clouderizer should save any file in your project’s /code, /data or /out folder to Google drive. In case it is not doing so,

  1. Where are you running your project?
  2. Can you post your agent log files here? You can find them from remote terminal from /tmp/cldz.out


Hi Prakash, I’ve been saving them to a folder in /data. Btw, one workaround is to download the Feather file to my hard drive first before shutting down/restarting the project.

However, for the past day, when i try to Start a project, it doesn’t launch, and then when i click Stop, it gives me the following error:

Error. Error terminating GCP instance. The resource ‘projects/cldz-41081604-ee2f-45a6-850/zones/us-central1-c/instances/instance-iocfghl3’ was not found

I tried creating a new Community Project but faced the same error;


Hi Joe

us-central region in GCP is out of resources since last night…I switched Clouderizer to us-east today. It should work fine now.

I am working to make this switch dynamic now. Should help us get rid of these uncertainties in future.



Hmm, i tried running it now, but us-east still seems to have issues:

Error. Error terminating GCP instance. The resource ‘projects/cldz-41081604-ee2f-45a6-850/zones/us-east1-c/instances/instance-2etgvbua’ was not found


Hi Joe,

Can you try launching an instance manually in us-east from GCP console? I want to isolate that issue is due to resource unavailability in GCP data center or something to do with the way Clouderizer spins the instance.