Support for Fastai Part1 v3


Hey @prakash, how to use clouderizer for the coming fastai course which uses v1 of fastai library build on top of PyTorch v1 ?

New library 2019 community project

I am interested in this topic also!


I’d also be interested in using Clouderizer for v3


Can you guys point me to url where notebooks for this is?


Hi @prakash,
My understanding is that notebooks are uploaded right before each session starts.


Here is the link to the notebooks I think will be used.

@prakash Would be able to use Clouderizer for v3 of the course ?


Last year lesson 1 acted buggy due to last minute fastai sw changes (during the first week or so). I have higher expectations this course. It is very dynamic near to the bleeding edge.:smirk:I hope Prakash can pull us through with a V3 install walkthrough! It worked very well last year as a blog post.:crossed_fingers:


Anyone here trying to set up fastai V3. When i am trying to pip install fastai,i am facing version issue.It is still pulling old version i.e. 0.7 Is it because clouderizer is configured for this version?


Hey guys,

The fastai crew already made a script to configure fastai v3 to work with Google Colab, so it works perfectly with clouderizer as well.

  • Create a new project.
  • Insert the url for the code
  • Insert the following line as startup script: curl | bash
  • Insert any Kaggle Datasets or additional apt-packages you like

That’s it. Working perfectly

Sometimes the startup script doesn’t run completely, if that happens you just run script again in a notebook cell or in the terminal.

I hope I’ve helped.


Great! Thanks for this.

Maybe you can create and publish a community template in Clouderizer, so that others can just clone and start using it.


Sure! I would love to. I haven’t done it already because I’ve just figured it out the share button.

I’ll get right to it.

I loved clouderizer from the moment I’ve discovered in the fastai forums. I’ll happily pay the subscripton once my trial is done.



Hello guys. I’ve just shared a community project with the new library fastai 1.0.xx and the new version of the course. The live version is running so the notebooks are getting available as soon as released.

I’ll try to fix any bugs which appear



Great. Appreciate your help Ronaldokun.