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Hello @prakash,

I’m sorry but I have a bug using the Fastai lesson 1 within Clouderizer + Colab.

Do you know what it is ? (and can you help me ? :wink:

PS : I tried update Fastai library by using conda but conda is not a bash command ???


Yup , same problem … untill yesterday it was running okay for me …Please clouderizer team look into the matter.


Not sure. Might be some changes in project itself. I am looking into it now…will keep you posted.
Meanwhile keep a watch on forum as well. Others might also be seeing this.


@pierre I ran the project on a clean colab machine just now, and it works without any issue.

From your screenshot, code actually looks incorrect. This is what i have in my in /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/fastai/

You can either try running your project again from a fresh colab instance or try installing packages again using this command from Clouderizer Terminal
pip install

Let me know if this helps.


Hello @prakash,

I created a new project Fastai (clone from Community projects) and it works :slight_smile: On the other hand, I can not run my previous Fastai projet :frowning: and then, I can not test pip install
I will try again tomorrow.

Many thanks !


I guess Robbie plan allows just one running project. You can stop the new project, and then start the old project.


I guess you’re right @prakash. It works now :slight_smile: Thanks.

Question : what is the drive size for each Clouderizer project ?


We released today integration with Google Drive. Now there is no limit of data stored per project. You can store as much data as your Google Drive account can support.


Great. Can you give me a link to a post blog to share this (and with with more information) ?


Hi @prakash, I did receive the link to your post about using Google Drive instead of Clouderizer Drive.

Thanks… but no. I do not want to give Clouderizer the right to read all my files in my Google Drive :wink:


Unfortunately, Clouderizer needs this for 2-way sync of project data. This allows us to sync down data to machines, manually uploaded by you in project folders.

I understand the permissions are very liberal and are concern for privacy. But you can always create a separate, dedicated Google account for this.