Unable to load all the files in FastAI's dl1 folder


After successfully launching JupyterLab, I’m only seeing few files in FastAI’s dl1 folder. On the FastAI Github repository there are a lot more files than what loads.


By any chance you deleted those files sometime in past? If yes, Clouderizer tries to persist your workspace and those files will not be visible next time you run your project.

Anyway, in case you wish to do a fresh pull from GitHub again, go directly to Google drive folder of your project and delete the /code folder. Then start your project. This will force a fresh pull from GitHub.

Let me know if this works.


Hey, thanks for the quick response. I don’t see any folder on Drive that seems relevant to this.

Let me know what information I can provide that would help you to help me debug this better.


Nevermind. I made a silly error. I managed to find the folder and delete it. That was the solution. Thanks!