Using the terminal for the command line : pip install


Hi @prakash,

I launched my fastai project in Clouderizer and use Google Colab as GPU.

I wanted to install the kaggle script with the command line : pip install kaggle-cli

So, I opened a Terminal from my Fastai project in my Clouderizer board and the following lines appeared :

What is the password ? (my Clouderizer one does not work).


Default password for Colab instances should be clouderizer (with small c).

You can also try modify your project, and jump to Setup tab, and add kaggle-cli under PIP packages list. Now when you run this project, Clouderizer setup will automatically install this pip package on startup.


Thank you very much @prakash !

It works well (clouderizer with small c) !

About the script kaggle-cli that helps a lot for downloading and uploading data from and to the kaggle site, the commands to type in the terminal are the following :

pip install kaggle-cli (if not yet installed)
kg download -u <username> -p '<password>' -c <competition>

(do not forget ’ ’ before and after the password ! and do not forget to validate in the kaggle competition page your agreement with the rules)

That’s it :slight_smile: